It is compulsory for all carers at Carpenders Care Limited to undertake and complete the induction course before commencing any care duties. This will involve commitment and participation in ongoing set programmes.

Health and Safety

This training explores health and safety within the service users own home. In considering the home carer’s duty of care to service user and yourself. It aims to improve awareness of common hazards about the home whilst considering the importance of referring to risk assessments and care plans. We discuss the need for improved awareness of the importance of good housekeeping when storing or disposing of chemicals, dangerous substances or sharp objects and develops an awareness of the need for safe practice in moving & handling, food hygiene, infection control and fire safety. We briefly introduce the need to consider personal safety when visiting service users homes and the importance of raising issues of concern with management and reporting injury and ill health.

Topics covered: The Law • Risk Assessment • Slips, Trips and Falls • Moving and Handling • COSHH • Infection Control • Equipment and Electrical Safety • Fire Safety • Injury and Disease • Personal Safety •

Fire Safety

This training explores fire safety within the service users own home. In focussing on fire prevention principles and home carer obligations, it introduces the three elements that come together to start a fire (known as the fire triangle) and considers common causes of fire within the domestic setting. This helps to improve awareness of the importance of good housekeeping as part of an effective approach towards fire prevention and develops an understanding of how to respond in the event of an emergency.

Topics covered: The Fire Triangle • Heat Sources • Prevention • Smoking • Kitchens • Safety Awareness • Fire Extinguishers • Emergency Situations •

Food Hygiene

This programme explores the vital role home carers have in making sure that they prepare food that is safe to eat. It covers the range of factors that home carers must appreciate when preparing food for service users, and aims to consider the causes and effects of food poisoning. This helps to develop an understanding of how to handle, store and prepare food properly and improves awareness of the importance of good personal hygiene, including when it is essential to wash hands. Also explored is the need for working within a clean kitchen environment.

Topics covered: Personal Hygiene • Your Hands • Your Clothes • Your Health • Shopping • Work Areas • Preparation and Handling • Cooking and Serving •